Friday, February 26, 2010

Apple Blossom

It is almost springtime and your apple trees would soon be in full bloom.

The early-bloomers and the trees at low altitude are in full bloom (by mid March) with hundred of beautiful pink and white blossoms. Those beautiful apple blossoms, if pollinated, will each result in an apple.

You can get the best view of the Kotgarh valley in spring from Kumarsain.

Picture Credit : Rajat Jamwal

Some tips on how to make most of these blossoms:

# Remove a few, should help your fruit grow bigger and better.

# Place the freshly removed blossoms in a bowl in your bathroom to add a light fragrance and their beauty for the day.

# Use some of the blossoms to decorate the braids in your hair.

The Unfinished One

I sit under the bright starry night sky,
My fragile dreams won't survive;
The time fly,
And my dreams need some hope.

My apple trees need some rest,
They endured a long summer;
I have done my best,
And I tolied in my orchards hard.

If you don't show me your kind light,
I would loose my hope in you;
If the flakes don't warm my cold cheeks this night,
Never would I be the same.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Women of the Kotgarh Hills

A strong social fabric and a tough women keeps thing together in Kotgarh. An expert in managing the house and the fields enjoy equal rights and call the shots.

The tireless hardy woman of the Kotgarh hills starts her day early. The usual routine included handling, milking cows and cleaning the cowshed. Hauling the kilta (conical cane basket) on back with gobar (cow dung) to the gobash (dumping ground) and bringing back the green grass from the fields for cows in neat and secured bindka (bale).

Preparing breakfast, helping the fussy kids with their homework, sorting things for them and sending them packing to the school. Not to mention dusting, sweeping, moping and swabbing the house. Picking fresh vegetable for lunch from the garden and cooking lunch - which would be packed for consumption while at work in the orchards. Directing the farm help (the Nepali Ghurkhas) what to do... and not to mention handling the over fussy older lot - (this all packed in the first 3 hours of the day).

And you call your job a tough one.